Ummm… I can’t even believe that there are only 11 days until Halloween! When did that happen?!?!


Mike and I realized that yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of finding our dream apartment! I can’t believe that one year ago we still weren’t living in this apartment. Insane! (our lease started November 1… which means I’m only 11 days from actually fulfilling a lease, something I haven’t done in like 3 years… oops :)


Anyway.. so it’s almost Halloween. And it’s on a FRIDAY this year– that’s huge! I have no idea what Mike and I are going to do, but I suppose we should start thinking about costumes.


Remember when I wrote this post last year about cheap Halloween costumes? I just looked at it again and remembered how great some of those ideas were :) The funny part is that I didn’t even use any of those ideas… I went as a devil {all black outfit + devil horns and tail that we found at Mike’s parent’s house}… and Mike went as a hockey player. ha!


Soooo yeah… I might be revisiting some of those ideas this year. Let me know if you have any clever costume ideas! :)



Alsooooo… funny story, we attempted to take in a roommate this weekend! (but a good roommate, not like those mice roomies…)



A cat! Remember when I talked about the little wild kittens that we were contemplating adopting? Well…. we ended up taking one of them (his name is Red!) home with us on Saturday :)


Red was a little (okay, a lot) scared of our place… we brought him over around 9pm Saturday and up until we returned him (about 6pm Sunday), he cowered in his little carrier :( We just felt so bad for him! We thought he would explore a bit but he just seemed way too sad/scared. So we decided to take him back.



This was the cats a few months ago– Red is in front :) How cute, right?


It was a good experiment but I just felt bad making him so sad. (and Mike’s parents told us that the other two cats seemed bummed, too– maybe they missed Red?) I’m sure eventually he would have gotten used to our place, but what if we end up moving and can’t have pets in our next apt? Would we dump him back outside with the other two cats and make him an outdoor cat again? That would have broken my heart!


So. That is the story of the 24 hours we had a cat :)



What are you going to be for Halloween???! Share some ideas with me, por favor! :)





No seriously. Tell me. WHY?????!





I mean, you go to a restaurant, you spend money on a meal, and then you eat until you’re full, and you still have some food left on your plate… what do you do? Tell the waiter to take it away (aka “please throw all this wonderful food in the trash, thanks!”) OR do you tell the waiter to BOX IT THE HECK UP?


(I hope you know my answer)


I mean, helloooooo, you’ve already spent money on the food, why not just take your leftovers with you??



The only times NOT taking leftovers is okay:


1– You don’t have a place to store them. Maybe you’re out of town and don’t have a fridge. Or maybe you’re about to run errands and can’t leave food in your hot car for hours.


2– You didn’t like the meal.


Yup… that’s it. Those are the only two reasons I can think of. Please let me know if you can think of any others ;)



Just take your leftovers, people. DO IT.



I realize that this is an unattractive picture but it was REALLY delicious so I wanted to share. This is half of an amazing cheese calzone. Why on earth would I have NOT taken those leftovers home?! It’s just as awesome for lunch the next day!


PS– I think it’s even okay to take leftovers home on a first date. In fact, I did it with Mike (on our first date at Chipotle!) and he still talks to me. So clearly it’s not a deal breaker!




Do you take your leftovers? (maybe you shouldn’t admit to NOT taking them, because I might shun you…)


PS I’m getting ready to (finally) continue my series on “How to _____ without spending a billion dollars”. First two, if you recall, were how to go to restaurants for cheap and how to save money when going out at night. What do you want to see next?


The other ideas I have on my list are coffee shops, friend-dates like shopping (do people still do that? call up a friend and say, “let’s go shopping!”), mani/pedis, or movies, other big events like sporting events or concerts… but I want to write about whatever’s on your mind right now. So let me know what you’d like to read about! :)



So we have a new roommate… one I’m not so happy about.


A FLIPPIN’ MOUSE IN OUR HOUSE!!! (or perhaps more than one, but I refuse to admit that there could be multiple… ugh)


A few weeks ago Mike mentioned seeing a mouse, but I didn’t believe him (because I was in denial). Then this past weekend we were standing in the kitchen and A FREAKIN MOUSE RAN ACROSS THE KITCHEN. Still gives me the heebie jeebies when I think about it, ugh!



Scene of the crime. The mouse ran from the left side (behind the trash can) to the right side behind the radiator. He was a quick little guy.


So we went to Walmart looking for mouse traps, but unfortunately all of those were the non-humane type. And, I mean, I don’t like having a mouse/mice in our kitchen… but I do have a soul and don’t actually want to kill the poor little critter(s)! These mouse traps were so terrible– even the packaging was like, “KILLS MICE DEAD!” uhhh what about people who don’t want to kill a mouse in their home??? Perhaps the usual Walmart clientele don’t care about that… haha. I was looking for something more like this, I guess.




We decided, instead, to improvise a mouse trap.  A little bit of peanut butter on the inside of a glass jar, perched precariously on a piece of cardboard. Idea is that the mouse will smell the PB, go inside the glass, then try to get the peanut butter. As soon as their weight hits the side of the glass, the cardboard falls and traps the mouse underneath!


But alas, it’s been 3 days and we haven’t caught a mouse. But I know they’re still there… so perhaps it’s time to suck it up and get that real mouse trap (the humane one). I don’t deal well with small critters sharing my space and it’s time they get relocated from our humble abode.



Lesson to be learned?

Sometimes it’s good to DIY and save a few bucks… and other times, it’s worth it to suck it up and spend a few bucks. Especially if it might free you from a mouse infestation.







Have you ever had MICE in your house? What did you do?

Related: can you recommend some deep breathing exercises before I pass out from thinking of rodents in our house? haha



Today marks the 1 year anniversary of packing up our lives into a U-haul and moving up to Rochester. (and also the one year anniversary of my first– and only, knock on wood– speeding ticket. boooo!)


If you can’t tell from this post and Friday’s, I’m feeling kinda nostalgic (is that the right word? maybe reflective? introspective?) about this whole one year anniversary. On one hand, I can’t believe that we’ve been up here for a whole year. Everything seems like it happened yesterday! But on the other hand, it feels like we’ve been here forever! It’s a weird feeling.


Anyway, in honor of this momentous date, I figured I’d share some of the things I learned in the past year! I had never lived more than one hour from where I was born and grew up, so moving 6.5 hours north has been quite a learning experience! Here are some of the things I learned…



outside computer

1. I’m quite terrible at communication. I should call my family WAY more often than I do… but I don’t. Mostly because I really don’t like talking on phones, but partly because my brain is usually consumed by things I should be doing for my business or just hanging out with Mike. And then suddenly I realize that I haven’t talked to my Mom or Dad in 2 weeks, or my brothers in 2 months (HI GUYS, MISS YOU!). Whoopsies.



2. It sucks not having your best friends nearby. I grew up and went to college in the northern VA area, so most of my friends are still there (it’s a pretty baller place for jobs so not many people move away). I’ve never lived far away from friends… it’s hard! I miss them.



3. On that note, making new friends is hard. You really have to put a lot of effort into it! And honestly, I wasn’t very good at that this past year. I know we aren’t going to be living up here forever, so I didn’t really put forth a lot of effort to find friends, other than Mike’s friend’s girlfriends (who luckily are all awesome! haha)


Also, Mike and I have a theory that many people in the Rochester area aren’t really looking for new friends like people in DC are. A lot of people we know up here (like our neighbors and stuff like that) grew up in the area and went to college around here, too. So, just like I was down in VA, they already have a built in social network and aren’t exactly looking for new people to hang out with. In DC, on the other hand, a lot of people are transplants (who come for the good jobs), so they’re always up for meeting new people because they don’t have as many friends.



4. There is a BIG difference between Rochester weather and northern VA weather. For the most part, there’s usually only a 10-15 degree difference between the two places. But dang, those 15 degrees make ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD! Like spring time, for example. I’m used to 65 degree spring days in VA. Up here, it was in the 50s… uhhh, that is not spring weather, that’s still winter. {like that pic above? taken on April 15th. still freezing cold outside…}


And then don’t get me started on summer… 85 in VA translates to 70 in Rochester. 70 is most DEFINITELY not summer weather. (but I guess that works out since no one has AC up here and I’m not tryna melt)


snow covered car

And let’s not even talk about winter.



5. I really enjoy never wondering if the random people I see at the grocery store or bar are people that I could have possibly gone to high school with. Everywhere we went in VA, I saw people I knew but hadn’t talked to in years. That can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the person… haha



6. It’s really fun to pick up on the accent of a new location. It took me awhile but I noticed that Rochestarians (I think that’s what they’re called? one year down and I still don’t know the lingo) say some words differently than me. For example, “lilac” and “Rochester”. I say “Rah-chest-er”, they say “Roch-ih-ster”. No matter how hard I practice, I can’t pronounce it like true Rochesterians do.



And it’s fun to pick up on the food “specialties” of the area. Exhibit A: the Rochester garbage plate. I posted this picture a few weeks ago and people were like, “WHAT IS THAT MONSTROSITY?” haha. I felt the same way when I first tried one! Basically garbage plates are a whole bunch of food piled on top of each other… usually baked beans, home fries, and/or macaroni salad on the bottom… a hamburger or hotdog (or sometimes pulled pork or a grilled cheese (??!) ) on top… covered in “meat sauce” (which is kinda like a chili), onions, and mustard. I get vegetarian versions of them and they’re pretty good, once you get past the fact that they look terrifying.




7. And did I mention this already? I learned that 6.5 hours is a really long way away from my family. I miss them :)  (yes that picture is me! I think I was 7 there?)




What’s the farthest you moved from “home”? What did you learn by moving away?

One of these days I’ll start posting about money stuff again, I promise! hahaha ;)