I have no idea how to start this post so I’ll just jump in and say it– I am taking a little break from blogging.


I’ve been in a really weird mood for these past few days/weeks where I just don’t feel motivated to talk about money. I know that’s not going to be a permanent feeling, but it’s what I’m feeling right now and it makes writing blog posts hard. And when posts are hard to write, they usually aren’t that interesting or useful or funny, and then they’re no fun to read, and then what’s the point?


I know I’m not done with blogging forever; I just need a little break to get motivated again and then I’ll be back. I don’t know if it’ll be a few weeks or a month or what, but I’m going to take the time until I feel back to my normal financially-obsessed mood ;)


In the meantime, I’ll probably be attempting to change up this website (strooooongly contemplating moving to SquareSpace from WordPress– any bloggers out there done that? thoughts?) to make it more helpful/user friendly/pretty (haha, priorities), and brainstorm my next big ideas (already have a fun free monthly challenge in mind, woo!).



And I’ll be reading. (if I’m still on hiatus at the beginning of September, I’ll probably pop back in with a August Books post because I read some reeeeally good ones so far this month!)




And eating sesame chicken (using THIS recipe from Budget Bytes, soooo good!)




And exploring/apartment hunting– check out how small this house is!!! (oh did I mention we’re going to be moving in October because our rent went up $400 FREAKING DOLLARS A MONTH? yuuuup) (and no, that tiny house is not actually one of the housing options we are considering haha)




And trying to get back my running skillz (I’ve discovered I like running in parks wayyyyy better than running around our neighborhood; it’s totally worth the 15 minute drive to run here!)




And reading some more, possibly at the pool :)



Make sure you’ve joined my Facebook group (when you join my email list, I’ll send you a link to join the FB group) because I’ll probably pop in there every once in awhile to say hi :)



If you need me, send an email! Ashley @ SavingMoneyInYourTwenties .com



Talk to you sooooooon! :)



Yesterday, I had a craving for happy hour.




I googled around to see what bars in the area had good happy hours– we’ve been to a few but I was looking to increase my local happy hour knowledge. (remember when I talked about learning about all the special deals in your neighborhood?)


(side note:: I learned this in my research, DID YOU KNOW that in Virginia, evidently bars cannot advertise their happy hour specials!?? ITS AGAINST THE LAW!! I don’t know if this applies in other states but in VA they can’t advertise on social media!!! HOW RUDE! I’ve always wondered why it’s so flippin’ difficult to find out happy hour deals… welp now I know, it’s because it’s ILLEGAL! ugh. So annoying. Don’t the lawmakers know this is an issue to people just trying to save money in their twenties!? ;) )


I had almost decided on a place when I discovered the most exciting happy hour deal of all– at Chuy’s (a Tex-Mex place; I think they’re around the southeast-ish US)


(and no they aren’t paying me to say this, I WISH)


Anywho, in addition to their drink specials (which actually aren’t that good, $5.25 house margaritas, $3 domestic bottled beers, meh not great) they have a FREE NACHO CAR that you can partake in during happy hour (4-7 M-F) .



{pic source}


Yeah, that’s a nacho car. Basically a nacho bar (chips, queso, salsa, refried beans, taco meat) inside of a car. ITS AWESOME.






Mike and I can do some serious damage to nachos so getting it for free was like the best deal in the entire world. I was a happy (get it? happy hour? haaaaaa) girl.



What’s the best happy hour deal you’ve ever found?


The other day on Instagram, Sarah asked me what kind of nail polish I liked to use.


Uh, that was like my favorite question ever. I could go on and on about it, haha!


I also realized that I have a trick that makes my at-home manicure last longer, and wanted to share that with you guys! So I made a little video! (click the image below to watch the video– couldn’t figure out how to embed the vid in this post, ugh)


nail painting thumbnail

{click the picture above or follow this link to watch the video}


Anyway, back to Sarah’s answer of what my favorite nail polish brands are!



As you can see in the picture above, I have a LOT of nail polish. (This picture was taken after I cleaned out a bunch of old ones, so this is my streamlined collection!) My friends and family know that I have an obsession with nail polish so I would say 75% of these polishes were gifts (thanks, guys! You’re the best!)


My favorite, by far, has been Essie polishes. They seem to last the longest, haven’t gotten goopy on me even though I’ve had some of them for YEARS, have really good colors, go on nicely, etc. (these are my 2 favorites: Mod Square and E-Nuf is E-Nuf) I believe Essie polishes are usually around $8.50/ea.


I also like my OPI polishes, but I think I might like Essie slightly better? I think OPI (which I learned a few years ago you’re supposed to pronounce “O-P-I” not “oh-pey”, in case you’ve been pronouncing it incorrectly like me!) has a slightly bigger brush which I’m not a fan of. I believe OPI polishes are usually $9.50/ea, so a bit more expensive. Maybe that’s also why I like Essie better, haha.


I’ve also tried Sephora and Ulta brand polishes, and liked both of those too. I don’t think they lasted as long as Essie, but they weren’t terrible. I think the two Ulta polishes I have came from their clearance section, so that automatically makes them awesome ;)


(side note: I strongly recommend scoping out clearance sections of stores to see if you can get any good polishes there!! Most of the time it’s weird colors that no one wants, but sometimes you can get lucky.) // Edited to add: another good place is somewhere like TJ Maxx! I was just there tonight and they had some super cute Essie shades for $3.99. UM… YES!!


Finally, I do have a few drugstore brand polishes. I honestly don’t use those as much, just because I have really nice quality polishes so why use the drugstore version? hah. I can’t remember any that are particularly good or bad… I used to be obsessed with an NYC shade of pale pink but they discontinued it. Womp womp. I think it was pretty good quality, though, and only like $1 or $2! So those are a good option.


Sooo. There’s my thoughts on nail polish! I totally think investing in a few nice polishes is a GREAT idea because they really do last forever and it’ll save you a tooooon compared to going to a salon :)




What are your favorite nail polish brands?

Do you paint your nails often?

I almost always have my toenails painted– I can’t stand how they look without polish, haha. I normally have my fingernails painted, too, but sometimes get lazy and don’t paint them for a few weeks.



I really like freezing things to make them last longer.


Remember awhile ago when I discovered you can freeze coffee creamer? I still do that ALL THE TIME and it’s like the best trick ever.


Last weekend I was getting ready to go out of town for a few days (oh, did I mention we went to Rochester for a few days? haha, yep!) and we still had a half-full (biiiig) container of plain greek yogurt in the fridge. I wasn’t sure if it would last so I decided to freeze it.



I thought about just throwing the whole container in the freezer, but I wasn’t sure if it would be scoopable once frozen, so I figured I should freeze it into cubes in our ice cube tray. I wrapped up the tray in saran wrap so it wouldn’t get weird smells from the freezer.




Once frozen, (which probably took only a few hours, but I left them for almost a week, haha oops) I popped them out and into a ziploc bag, and put them back in the freezer for later use.




BOOM! Now I have frozen greek yogurt cubes to put in smoothies :)



Note: I haven’t tried melting it back to normal yogurt consistency, so I’m not sure if you could like thaw it back out and eat it like yogurt again. If you try that, let me know how it goes!!



What kinds of things do you freeze?

I freeze: bread, coffee creamer, cookie dough balls (just make cookie dough, roll into balls, freeze, and when you’re ready to bake just add a minute or two extra onto the cooking time!), bananas for smoothies (peel them and cut into 3 or 4 pieces before freezing!), meat, and right now I even have a ziploc full of crushed tomatoes because I could only find a can 2x bigger than what I needed for a recipe!


The other weekend, we found ourselves with zeroooo plans on a Sunday. It was a gorgeous day and all I wanted to do was hang out outside!


I thought of going to a nearby winery and buying a bottle of wine there to share outside, but then I remembered their wine is like $20-$25 per bottle and ugh, that’s a lot of money.


So I thought, why don’t we just get a cheap bottle of Trader Joe’s wine and some snacks and have a porch wine picnic?




We got a $4.99 bottle of Rosè (SOOO good– it’s the Espiral Vinho Rosè), a $1.99 bag of pita chips, and a $2.99 container of roasted red pepper hummus. It was the perfect porch picnic! (and we used our fancy bluetooth speaker to listen to music!)



Next time you’re contemplating a date, think outside the box for a cheaper option! You can have lots of fun for $10 (especially at Trader Joe’s!)



What’s your favorite cheap date (which can include friend dates!) activity?

My all-time favorite is definitely beer tastings at breweries! But this is a good alternate option :)