I love setting goals. I love the idea of coming up with a goal and figuring out how to reach it. It’s basically the most rewarding feeling in the world, right?! Today I want to share with you 5 of my fav goal setting tips so that you can set (and achieve!) your biggest goals :)




5 of my favorite goal setting hacks:

1 // Mini-Goals.

Split your goal into mini-goals. Maybe your goal is to pay off your $50,000 in student loans. Break it up into $5,000 or $2,500 chunks and just focus on those mini-goals. It’ll keep you focused and less overwhelmed!


2 // Rewards.

Reward yourself for achieving your mini-goals. Create a list of rewards (preferably something free/cheap) and assign a reward to each mini-goal accomplishment. For example, maybe you love going to Barnes & Noble and just hanging out with a coffee and reading for hours. Promise yourself a whole day of doing that! Or maybe you want to hit up your favorite brewery, or go to that new cupcake place that you’ve been eyeing for awhile. Set an awesome reward so that you’re excited and energized to achieve your mini-goal!


3 // Remember WHY.

Remind yourself WHY you’re doing this. One day when you’re feeling particularly motivated to achieve your goal, take a few minutes to write a note to yourself with all the reasons why you want to accomplish your goal. Then the next time you’re feeling unmotivated or thinking of how far away you are from your goal, re-read that note and you’ll get motivated all over again.


4 // Use Visuals.

Use visual reminders to motivate yourself. For example, if you’re saving up for a downpayment on a house, create a Pinterest board of ways you’ll decorate your eventual house to keep yourself excited for achieving your goal. Or create a Pinterest board of motivating quotes (I have a board of them here!) that you can look at when you’re feeling unmotivated. In the top picture of this post, you can see the Motivation Board I created for myself! I printed out a bunch of those Pinterest quotes, put them on my cork board, and hung it above my desk so I can see them all day :)


5 // Enlist Help.

Sometimes it can be best to enlist the help of others when trying to achieve a big goal. I am incredibly lucky to know two people are really good at setting goals and achieving them: Chelsea and Ryan Avery. (You might remember Chelsea from her Gettin’ Nosy post on here a few months ago!) Ryan is basically a Toastmasters legend (remember when I did Toastmasters for a hot second? haha, good times) because he is the Youngest World Champion of Public Speaking in history, and even more awesomely, CHELSEA was his coach. #awwwwwsocute


So basically what I’m trying to say is that these two know a thing or two about setting goals!! (nbd, let me just set a goal to become the youngest ever Champion of Public Speaking) 


Chelsea and Ryan have started a program called The Map to Dreaming BIG where they help others (like us!) learn the strategies and tips towards setting and achieving any goal you have in life. They’ve created a printable “map” where you can actually start mapping out your dreams. Their BIG dream this year is to be the youngest married couple in history to speak via live webinar on ALL 7 CONTINENTS. YES INCLUDING ANTARCTICA (!!!!!)


If you’re really looking for hardcore accountability and help, they have a paid program* where you can join them on their 7 live webinars (YES INCLUDING THE ONE IN ANTARCTICA omggg) and you get access to an online community full of other people who are working on achieving their dreams, too!!


Moral of the story: I think The Map to Dreaming BIG is a fantastic program and will totally help you achieve your goals, whether they are financial or just life goals! So go to The Map to Dreaming BIG website, download your FREE map and start mapping out your goals! I’ll be doing it, too! :)


*the links in this post for The Map to Dreaming BIG are affiliate links, meaning I get a bit of money if you sign up using them! :)




How do you keep yourself motivated to achieve your goals?


I love making lists. LOVE, love, love it.


My favorites are to-do lists, grocery lists, packing lists, blog post ideas lists, gift ideas lists… the list (ha ha ha! I crack myself up) goes on.


A few months ago I got the idea to make a list of things that made me happy. We all have those days where we get in a funk and nothing can get us out of it, right? Having a list of things that make me incredibly happy has helped on those days where I’m just in a bad mood to bring me out of it!




Here’s the list I made back then and I still refer to it, even months later :)


I’m also proud {and not at all surprised} to note that, although I didn’t intend to restrict myself, all these activities are free or very cheap :)


There are a few more activities I should add, like napping, taking a bath (since I finally learned to like those!!), watching Vanderpump Rules, watching anything on Food Network, and playing Free Tetris. Guess I need to get a bigger post-it note! :)



In other news, I took two pretty pictures last weekend and I want to share them with you even though they have nothing to do with this post.



Exhibit A: pretty clouds while we were attempting to meet friends at their apartment (anyone else have that struggle the first time you go to someone’s apartment complex– “Which one is your building? Wait, where do I park? What door should we go to? Do you see us?” hahaha)



Exhibit B: We spent some time volunteering last Saturday morning making care packages for soldiers! (side note: I really miss volunteering… I feel like I did it all the time in college but not so much anymore) The event was held on the military base where I used to work so afterwards we did some exploring/reliving of my former work-life :) There’s a little beach area on one part of base so we went there and admired the view! So pretty. Fun fact: that land wayyyy in the background of the picture is Maryland!



Have you ever made a list like this? What is (or would be) on YOUR happiness list? :)


PS– HAPPY FRIDAY and happy long weekend for those of you with Monday off! I’m giving myself Monday off (#entrepreneurperks) so I’ll catch ya on Wednesday!


I’ve mentioned this before, but I have an unhealthy obsession with the Mr. Money Mustache blog. If you haven’t checked his blog out yet, do it ASAP! (you know, right after you’re done reading this post ;) )


MMM is a super amazing frugality blogger. He and his wife quit their jobs in their 30s after saving up enough money to live off forever– just by saving money while they were young!


Anyway, a few years ago (almost 4!! whoa) he posted about how to save money while grocery shopping. It’s a great post, but my favorite part that’s stuck with me ever since then was his final comment at the end of the post about cereal.


He suggested that whenever you eat a bowl of cereal, mix it with 50% plain, dry, rolled oats (uncooked). I do this ALL THE TIME now and love it!! I know cereal isn’t exactly the most healthy food but I feel better including healthier oats with it! (also it’s cheaper since oats are generally cheaper than cereal… so you’re stretching your expensive cereal by adding inexpensive oats!)



We usually get a knockoff of Honey Bunches of Oats (Wegmans brand, family size, obviii) and the oats go great with it!! I actually think it makes the cereal taste better :) I also put walnuts on top and add chia seeds!



So first- pour the cereal.



Next, oatmeal. (I guesstimate amounts.. this might be 50%, might be less. Who knows)



Then chia seeds



Then walnuts.



And mix!


It is SO good and totally keeps you full longer than just eating plain cereal… and it’s cheaper! :) Next time your cereal craving hits, try mixing it with oats! I bet you’ll love it :)



What’s your favorite cereal?

I would have to say that currently it’s this knockoff Honey Bunches of Oats.. we’ve been getting this for 4+ months and I’m not sick of it yet! (which is shocking because I get sick of foods super quick) I also reeeeally like Lucky Charms. But I haven’t tried that with oatmeal yet since I probably haven’t had it in years… hah!


There’s one major kitchen appliance that I am DYING to own…


A Kitchen Aid stand mixer.


I blame my mom for this, actually. (hi, Mom!) She has one, so all the baking I did for my first 18 years of life was in that amazing piece of equipment.


Now that I’m out on my own, I have a little hand mixer and let me tell you… it is just NOT the same.



(cookies in the back were made with my hand mixer {+ this recipe!}… the breakfast casserole in front was definitely not made with the hand mixer. But it’s the only picture I have that goes with the post, sooo whatev. Also it’s from our old apt– hiiii painted countertops!)


I do kiiiind of a lot of baking (mmm cookies) and every time I make something with the hand mixer, I get angry.


Angry because the mixer flings dough ALL OVER THE KITCHEN. All over our walls, the counters, the bag of flour, my water bottle, the floor, and even all over ME. It’s obnoxious.


So I was contemplating whether I should just bite the bullet and get a Kitchen Aid. I mean, I know I want one eventually, and they last FOREVER, why not just buy one now? I’d rather have my cookie-making process be fun and enjoyable with a good mixer, rather than an anger-inducing process of batter flying everywhere.


But then I remembered that at this point in my life, a $200-$300 mixer really isn’t one of my priorities.


As I thought more about it, I realized that there was a much easier, cheaper, and more obvious solution: Fix the BOWL that I mix things in, not the mixer!


The bowl I normally use for mixing is actually kind of short, which is probably why so much of my batter flings across the kitchen.


So instead of shelling out $200-$300 for a mixer… I can just buy a taller bowl! I haven’t found one yet (nor have I really started searching), but I’m assuming I can find one for $20ish, muuuuch cheaper than a stand mixer.


I’ll still be able to make cookies, use my current mixer, AND avoid the batter flinging problem. Win-win-win.


Expensive purchase avoided. Phew.



Have you been debating any expensive purchases lately?

Do some brainstorming and see if there’s a cheaper workaround that you can use until you’re ready to make the bigger purchase! (or maybe you’ll realize the workaround is fine and you don’t even need the expensive item!)


As I alluded to in my last post… there was one big bummer that happened during last weekend’s Rhode Island wedding trip… I got a flat tire. Womp womp.



The beautiful YELLOW (???) spare tire on my car… whoa. Also anyone think spare tires look absolutely frightening? This tire seriously looked like it would be more appropriately sized for use on a bicycle rather than a car! Scary small.


We were about 2 hours out from RI when my car’s tire pressure sensor light went on. We didn’t think much of it but kept driving and figured that maybe I just needed to put air in my tire. No biggie.


By the time we got to Rhode Island we were distracted by hanging out with our friends and honestly didn’t even think about it until Saturday morning. We checked it out and sure enough… my back driver’s side tire was FLAT. No bueno.


Side note: Might I also mention that this is the SECOND time we have gotten a flat tire while on a road trip for a friend’s wedding?! Yeah, seriously. This same exact thing happened last April when we drove to North Carolina for a wedding!


So we ended up taking it to a little local car repair shop to get fixed (and paid $30 ughhh was def not expecting it to be that expensive! we even took the tire off the car so that price doesn’t even include taking it off and putting it back on!) and its fixed and all is good.


BUT. As we (ahem… Mike. Thanks, boo!) were putting the fixed tire back on the car, I got nervous. What if they did a bad job and my tire explodes or goes flat again? I live nowhere near this shop, there is absolutely nothing I can do to bring it back to them and demand it to be fixed or get my money back! (yeah, I know they probably did a fine job but I just suddenly started thinking worst case scenario)


And that’s when I realized: perhaps when you’re on a trip far from home and you have car troubles, you should (if possible) take your car to a chain shop that you know you have near your house, rather than a little local place!


In this case, a quick google search shows me that there was a Midas half a mile down the road from the place we took it! Bah!


PS– I’m all for supporting local businesses BUT… in this case I feel more comfortable knowing that I can go back to the shop if necessary! I’ll support local restaurants and ice cream shops and breweries instead :)



Beach pic to break up all the text. mmmmmm beach :)


Hopefully this flat-tire-on-a-road-trip situation never happens to you but if it does… for peace of mind maybe you should think about taking your car to a chain location! Just in case :) And of course, sometimes that isn’t possible so in that case obviously take it wherever you can!



Have you ever had car troubles on a road trip? What did you do/where did you take your car?

It’s funny, when we walked into the auto shop we saw another couple who were also in town for the wedding! They had driven from WASHINGTON STATE (!!!!!!) for the wedding (yes that’s like 48 hours+ of driving) and had a flat tire when they arrived. So I guess this is a frequent problem for road trips!